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The Russian avant-garde and constructivist art in particular have always been linked to the idea of ​​change, dynamism and progress. In particular, the city of Novosibirsk, is itself an example of how these aspirations held throughout the twentieth century. Our project aims to strengthen the image of one of the artists who worked with these ideals.

El Lissitzky contributed with his work, in our opinion, one of the most important contributions to modern art, especially with his abstract compositions PROUN:


"Proun leads the artist from contemplation to reality. Whereas a completed painting has only its own perfection, each Proun represents only one link in the chain, a short stop on the way to perfection. Proun transforms modes of artistic production. Leaves behind the individualist artist who works locked in his own cabinet. Proun, however, introduces into the creative process, a plurality of producers (...)The author's personality disappears in the artwork , and we see the birth of a new style, not individual artists, but anonymous perpetrators, which together will construct the building of time"

  • El Lissitzky


This collective construction, dynamic and versatile, is clearly reflected in our project. Is a simple modular metal structure supporting a flat floor, and a movable fragmented roof. Lightweighted wooden frames, coated with resistant fabric, spin around an axis gripped to the structure, without automatic systems, only direct interaction with the user and the act of nature. The intentions of "anonymous authors" and the weight of snow, so frequent in the city, will change the composition as well as it's use and morphology in a matter of minutes.

We hope this "LIVING PROUN" will renew the creative initiatives generated by this great artist and serve as a symbol to his memory. For Novosibirsk and the whole Russia.

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